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Deborah Calland: Top Brass. Twenty-five Progressive Studies for Treble-Clef Brass Instruments Ref: H371

Standard: Elementary to Intermediate

Stainer and Bell 3.95

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The publication of Top Brass marks the end of dull practice routines divorced from the spirit of real music. Each of Deborah Calland's 25 progressive studies for treble clef brass instruments is a strong character piece in a compelling jazz, blues or contemporary classical style, with attractive titles to focus the minds of young students. 'Jacob's Ladder' and 'Upwardly Mobile' test proficiency in scales. 'Keep Mum' and 'Blowing Blue' are studies in legato. 'Tongue-Twister' is self-explanatory. Designed to take beginners through to the standard required for Grade 5 examinations, Top Brass will be welcomed by all instrumental teachers who wish to sweeten the pill of effective technical training with a dash of musical adventure.

Deborah Calland has put together a collection of pieces especially written by 14 different composers for her book of Fingerprints. These are intended as snapshots of each individual composer featured, giving away some of their musical feelings and character in the sounds and styles they like. The aim is to bring the composer a little closer to the younger player, who may often feel distant from the great composers of the past. For fun, a few facts about each composer are included at the top of each piece (name, date of birth, two of their favourite things). It is nicely set out with clear notation and there is a good variety of pieces, something for everyone, with interesting musical ideas in each. This book should appeal to many young players in the early stages (Grades 1–4).

Music Teacher, June 2006